Tuesday, 24 December 2013


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TRS Editor Exposed Child-Fxcker Yang Kaiheng: Can I look at your breasts?

Yang Kaiheng:

My thirteen year-old cousin, Julianne, came home from school as usual at three in the afternoon. Dressed in her CHIJ pinafore and a white sports bra of which the outline could be seen above the top of the pinafore, she was simply beautiful. Her hair tied up into a pony tail, small cute eyes, a-cupped breasts, and an hourglass figure, she had been my fantasy ever since I first noticed her wearing singlets (training bras) at the end of Primary Five.

She greeted me, put down her sling bag in the hall and went into her room. When she came out five minutes later, she walked to the toilet, dressed in her blouse and in her FBT shorts, holding a towel, a white t-shirt and a light blue-coloured cotton panties in her hand. I smiled to myself. This probably meant that she was going to be bra-less again, as she always is when she is at home. The sound of the water from the showers soon filled the house until she stepped out of the toilet.

Julianne looked even more stunning and fuckable after her bath. Her hair let down, with her small pink nipples poking out from under the white t-shirt and her FBT shorts barely covering her buttocks, she was soon to be more than just a fantasy. Almost at once, my cock stood at attention. I tried to control myself, telling myself that she was my cousin and I could not do anything rash.

She went into the kitchen to throw her dirty clothes into the basket and walked out with an ice-cream cone in her hand. She sat beside me on the sofa as I watched the VCD series of Grey’s Anatomy. As she watched the TV intently on my right, my eyes uncontrollably began to drift towards her breasts. The erect pink nipples were simply a sight to remember. As I continued to stare from the corner of my eyes, my cock began to erect yet again. The bulge from my boxers was unignorable. Much as I told myself to look away and tried to have my cock go limp, it just did not happen. Just at that moment, Julianne looked downwards to avoid her a bloody scene on the screen, and she noticed the bulge from my boxers and stared at me, before turning her face away in the other direction.

I froze at the thought that my cousin had realized the thoughts I was having about her. She pretended that nothing had happened and continued to look at the TV intently. “I didn’t mean it. I couldn’t control it. I don’t mean anything. Please don’t get me wrong,” I blurted out softly. Julianne acted blur and asked me, “Huh? What?” in a shy and soft voice with a slight grin on her face. I noticed her grin and asked her, “Ehh, why are you grinning ah?” “Don’t have ah, where got?” she retorted defensively and blushed.

“Erm.. erm..” I stammered, “Can I look at your breasts?” I could not believe that those words had come out from my mouth. She did not reply me immediately or look at me in the eye. Instead she kept her silence for a while before saying, “Why you want to look?” “I’m curious what they look like ma, show me la, show me la!” I answered. The silence was awkward for about thirty seconds as Julianne continued to look at the TV. By this time, I knew that her mind was not on the show, but on my sexual advances. “Erm.. Okay.. I show you ah, but must promise you cannot tell anybody ah.” “Of course!” I replied excitedly.

Julianne began to lift up her white t-shirt. “Not here not here!” I exclaimed, “the neighbours may walk past or drive past and look into the house. Let’s go upstairs to my room.” I knew that while this was a valid reason for going upstairs to my room, my mind had began to wonder beyond just simply looking at her breasts.

Upon entering my room, Julianne sat down at the corner of my bed. By now, both of us had a certain uneasiness surrounding what we were about to do and there was an awkward silence. I told her to lie down on the bed and she did so without a word, letting out a small grin yet again as she did so. I took out my t-shirt and sat on her hips before lifting up her white t-shirt slowly and stripping her of it. I began to use my thumb to rub her nipples and massage her breasts. She struggled initially but the apprehension gradually gave way to a smile as she began to feel the pleasure. She did not moan, but from her closed eyes and the smile on her face, I could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying being nipple-fucked by my finger.

“Erm.. erm.. Can you masturbate me?” I asked. She hesitated for a short while before saying, “Hee.. Okay.. but you cannot let your sperm come out ah.” I was shocked. I could not believe that my cousin, whom I had thought to be innocent and sweet, to be such a cheeky and horny young slut. I took off my boxers and stripped her of her FBTs without any resistance. By then, looking at her light blue-coloured cotton panties wet at the area of her small and tight un-fucked vagina, I knew that she was enjoying my sexual advances.

I lay on the bed and she lay perpendicular to me. Her right hand grabbed my cock, which was now fully erect, before she used her left hand to assist. She began to rub my cock. Up-down-up-down-up-down. Looking at her lips so close to my cock, with her hands rubbing my cock in a gentle and soothing manner, and her small pink nipples standing erect from the a80-cupped-breasts, it was simply the best feeling ever. Perhaps it really is true that CHIJ girls are horny, I told myself.

By then, I had closed my eyes and was moaning away uncontrollably. I visualized the sight of her trying desperately to make me cum with her rubbing. The motion of her small, smooth skinned thirteen year-old schoolgirl hands rubbing my big and firm cock was simply pleasurable. It was simply my schoolgirl / JC girl fetish coming true.

With each rub, I felt more and more accomplished and closer to cumming. “Ahh.. Ahh.. Ahh..” My moans got louder and louder. “Are you going to shoot your sperm soon?” she asked cheekily. Basking in the pleasure and knowing that with a few more good jerks from her, I would be reaching my climax, I refused to answer her.

“AHHHH” I climaxed and shot out a stream of thick cum into her face. Opening my eyes, I saw that most of it had ended up on her nose while there were traces of cum on her cheeks as well. Smaller shots of cum followed. As she tried to move her face away to avoid these shots of cum, they landed on different parts of her face. She looked at me half-angrily and half-smiling, in some ways, trying to decide whether she was angry or thoroughly pleasured.

I eyed her from her hair, down her sweet-looking and pretty cum-filled face to her a80-cupped-breasts, down to her light blue-coloured cotton panties, which I believe was now even wetter, to her perky butt, and down her slim and smooth legs. It was simply good and enthralling to know that I had been pleasured by such a young schoolgirl beauty.

I smiled to myself as she lay down beside me, still clad only in her panties. As she hugged me, and placed the same small, smooth skinned cum-fiilled thirteen year-old schoolgirl hands on the left side of my chest, I knew that there would be more to come (cum) in the days ahead..